Holocaust Memorial

Marika Barnett


Holocaust Memorial - Paris, France

Edition of 150

Background information:

Memorial de la Déportation - Paris, France 1998

I visited Paris for the first time in 1980. "Where shall I go first? What shall I see first? The Louvre? The Arc de Triomphe? The Pompidou Center?" - these were the questions that ran through my mind for weeks before the trip. One day, in a guide-book I read about the Holocaust Memorial behind the Notre Dame. I can’t explain why, but I decided that of all the beautiful and famous sights of Paris, I was going to start my two week stay by visiting the Memorial. It was the right choice. In a city where I barely spoke the language, where I didn’t know anybody, that unforgettable Memorial connected me to the city instantly. In the years that followed I have returned to Paris many times and I took the pictures that resulted in the art work on my last visit, in April, 1998. Because of the nature of the subject I could not do the same technique as I usually do with all the other images. This had to be different. This was to be my memorial to the six million.