On the streets of Istanbul.


I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1934. As a young college student, I escaped from Hungary after Soviet troops crushed the anti-communist revolution of 1956.

I have studied, taught and worked in Europe, Hawaii and mainland USA. My works are now in many private and corporate collections throughout the United States. Several New England corporations and Institutions have privately commissioned my works.

In my photocompositions the fifth image comes forward as I combine four identical photos. The original object disappears and emerges a design that sometimes reinforces, sometimes contradicts the original object. One can then see unexpected, surprising details and emerging new images that surface only through the creation of the mirror images.

Five of my photocomposition of the Brooklyn Bridge (size: 40 x 50") hang in the New World Trade Center in New York. My photographs are on the walls of major corporations, financial, legal and medical offices and have been exhibited in New York, Long Island, Baltimore, and Boston area galleries. The New Hampshire headquarters of Oracle Corporation had only my works (7 large works) on its walls.

My photocomposition of the Boston Architectural Center is on the cover of the prestigious center's 1996 Catalog. The B.A.C. image also found its way into the 1997 Geometry Book of publisher McDougal-Littell. Several of my images covered 10 pages of the most respected political and cultural periodical of Hungary, the "Beszélô". Norton Publishing Company made my image of the "World Trade Center" the cover of one of their published books on Economics (before September 11, 2001!).

As a member of the Concord Art Center's 'Distinguished Artists' group, I regularly exhibit my latest works at the Center. I'm also a long standing member of the Cambridge Art Association. I have been a software engineer for 25 years, working for Honeywell, Digital and Oracle Corporations. I have invented a unique method of producing kaleidoscopic videos. I'm working as a volunteer videographer for two Boston area Cable TV stations.

My photocompositions, photographs and kaleidoscopic videos can be viewed on my Web Site: "" In the past, I have been represented by Boston Corporate Art and currently by Erdreich & White Fine Arts of Boston.

For direct inquiry or commissions please call: 978/568-0556, Fax: 978/562-4676, write to Marika Barnett, 106 North Shore Drive, Stow, MA 01775 or send Email to:

My photocompositions can be viewed on the Internet: ""