Artist's Statement

Creating my images, I am consciously searching for the "fifth image". This is the image that comes forward when I combine four identical photos. The original object disappears and emerges a design that sometimes reinforces, sometimes contradicts the original object. I enjoy taking images out of their context, forgetting what the original object is about. It is nice to tell our brain to 'shut up' for a moment and allow our eyes to enjoy a design just for itself. One can then see unexpected, surprising details and emerging new forms that surface only through the creation of the mirror images.

A highly regarded Boston area curator, Nick Capasso put it this way: "In your compositions static structures become dynamic and inorganic objects become organic." He might be surprised to learn that since then I have also made organic images become inorganic, transforming the dazzling display of fish at the Kumkapi Fish-market in Istanbul into the pattern of a Caucasian rug. Did I create the pattern? Of course I did not. I believe that the Turkish fish-peddlers instinctively lay out their fish in the traditional pattern of carpets but this becomes obvious only when you create the reflecting, multiple images.