Marika Barnett

"London" Series

Olafur Eliasson's installation at Tate Modern #2

London, England

Background information:

It was an unforgettable exhibit. Some of you might not know that the Tate Modern was not long ago a Power Plant on the shore of the Thames River. Part of the gigantic build is now divided into smaller rooms [in museum terms], while the Turbine Hall was left as one, huge exhibition space. This is where Olafur Eliasson's "Weather" exhibit was installed. On the far end of the long hall was a gigantic, glowing "sun", steam was blowing gently from the neighboring walls and the ceiling - that was the most incredible sight - the ceiling was covered with mirrors. Yes, the entire ceiling of this gigantic space was covered with large panels of mirrors. And the visitors first drawn in by the gigantic orange sun, realized that they can see themselves and each other in the mirrors. Hundreds of people were lying flat on the floor, flat on their back, waving to the mirrors. The visitors became part of the exhibit.

The 'sun' at the end of the Turbine Hall and the visitors lying on the floor.