Technical Information

My photo images combine two things I have always loved: architecture and kaleidoscopes.

I never use special effect lenses or filters and rarely if ever alter the original photographs (well, sometimes I remove a wayward tourist that wondered into my photo). Before I switched to digital cameras in 2002, I scanned the negatives into my computer. Once the image is in the computer and it is cropped, I flip it to create a seamless kaleidoscopic multiple image. From the resulting digital output I have fine art quality prints made by a professional printer. The prints have a soft look yet the details are crystal sharp.

My technique has many self-imposed restrictions. I do not do anything in the computer that I could not do in a darkroom, except creating the seamless images. The challenge is to find new and different subject matters that I can transform into surprising and exciting "fifth" images.

Currently I am creating 3 D images. The images, printed on washable canvas are glued to square based columns. Samples, in 3 different sizes are available and the photos of the 'sculptures' are already on my website.